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Personal Training | Beyond the Barbell


When you sign up for personal training at Ultima Fitness, you get so much more...

We take a holistic, lifestyle approach to your health and fitness, so each personal training client receives

Nutrition Counseling, Weight Management and Chronic Condition Management complimentary.

Personal trainer in Plano, Texas. Personal training in plano, TX. Private fitness in Plano, Texas.

Personal training

One-on-one, small group or sport-specific private fitness training for ages 9 and up.


Customized meal planning based on client health assessment.

weight loss management

Total lifestyle approach to achieve desired weight. 

chronic conditionS

Helping people regain their  freedom from pain and chronic conditions.

Personal Training



One-on-One, Couples or Small Groups

Our private training offers a customized approach to fitness - for all levels and ages. We'll begin with an initial assessment of your eating habits, age, gender, chronic conditions, lifestyle and activity level. Our certified personal trainers and nutritionist will develop a fitness and nutrition plan to achieve your desired goals. All of this takes place in our private, non-intimidating fitness studio in the heart of Plano, TX with access to full cardio & weight training equipment. Workouts are fun, fresh and creative!

Enjoy a no-obligation 60-minute trial session. 


Enhancing your athleticism, off-season and year-round. 

From high school & professional athletes to fitness models, our trainers specialize in getting you in tip-top shape for optimal performance. 

We supplement your training with individualized conditioning and strengthening. Concentrations include diet, explosive power training, agility and speed enhancement, as well as flexibility and core strength training.

With 30 years of bodybuilding and fitness competition training experience, you're in good hands with us!

Enjoy a no-obligation 60-minute trial session.

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling

Each personal training client receives a customized meal plan based on age, gender, weight, metabolism, activity and fitness goals. This is combined with resistance training and cardiovascular program to help our clients achieve their desired goals. Our team monitors progress on a weekly basis.

Enjoy a no-obligation 60-minute training session. 

Weight Management

Our weight management program starts with a complete health, BMI and body fat composition assessment to determine optimal caloric intake. Our trainers monitor client results weekly to reach their desired goals. This service is included for all personal training clients!

Enjoy a no-obligation 60-minute training session. 

Weight Mgmt

Chronic Conditions Targeting

Many people suffer from chronic conditions, including lower back pain, sleep apnea, fatigue, depression, low energy, and joint pain. At Ultima Fitness, we believe that more than 90% of these conditions can be reversed through our lifestyle change program which addresses diet, exercise, metabolism, flexibility, and core strength. Let us help you reduce or eliminate the effects of your chronic condition!

This service is included for all personal training clients. 

Enjoy a no-obligation 60-minute training session. 

Chronic Conditions

Our Perks

No contracts, membership or sign up fees

Nutrition, weight and chronic condition counseling included for all clients

Non-intimidating, friendly environment

Closed to public

Anytime use of cardio

Enjoy a no-obligation 60-minute trial session. 

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