Personal Training | Beyond the Barbell

Our Approach

We're a family-oriented fitness studio dedicated to

helping clients (re)gain their freedom

Freedom from...

anxiety, sleeplessness, physical restrictions, poor digestion, unwanted weight, stress, depression, poor posture, chronic conditions, medications...

Our trainers take a holistic approach to gently repair your body + mind + overall health.

How do you define your #ultimafreedom?

Enjoy a 60-minute trial session - on us!


We enjoy helping a broad range of clients - from kids age 9 and up, to couples and seniors. 

Whether you're coming in for general fitness (to tone up), relieve stress, get better at your sport, or be able to keep up with your grandkids, our team will take a specialized approach to achieve your goals. 

Our Promise

No contracts, membership or sign up fees

Nutrition, weight and chronic condition counseling included for all clients

Transparency - pay per session

Non-intimidating, friendly environment

Closed to public

Anytime use of cardio